caring for the young ones

Paediatric dentistry requires a unique approach from a specialist. The key is understanding the patient and dissipating their doubts or fears.

All of our actions are aimed at effective treatment and prophylaxis together with the preservation of milk teeth for the maximum period of time… that is, until the cutting of permanent teeth!

adaptive visit with check-up

An adaptive visit is a great start to a child’s adventure with dentistry. It can be treated as a kind of “debut” visit to the office, characterized by getting to know the clinic and the dentist himself.

Due to the fact that the young patient gets to know dentistry from a friendly side, the risk of developing dentophobia (fear of dentists) is significantly reduced. What’s more, it will give the child a chance to build a good relationship and show that one does not have to be frightened of the dentist!

To maintain the oral hygiene of our youngest patients, we offer dental advice about it. We will tell the child how to care for their teeth – so that they are clean, pretty and healthy. Such tips are not only relevant in the youngest years, but can also be successfully used in adulthood.

filling in a milk tooth

Tooth decay is a very common childhood problem. Milk teeth tend to have thinner enamel, which makes them more susceptible to dental caries.

Fortunately, children’s dentistry has various interesting solutions that can make cavity treatment an interesting adventure! The colour of the filling in milk teeth can be chosen by the patient! The durability of such fillings is not reduced, and the choice of a particular shade or colour may prove to be a very attractive reward for treatment for many children.

root canal treatment of a milk tooth

Root canal treatment is an extremely difficult issue, especially in milk teeth.

The development of tooth decay can lead to infection of the pulp, which becomes a source of severe pain. In this case, it becomes necessary to open the tooth crown and unblock the tooth canals.

Root canal treatment of a milk tooth is very unique, because the structure of the milk teeth (their canals are wide, curved and abundant in pulp) can make treatment difficult. However, for a root canal treatment of a milk tooth to end positively, the child-dentist cooperation is crucial.

milk tooth extraction

In extreme cases, mainly due to health or orthodontic issues, it is necessary to remove the milk tooth.

This procedure should be carried out in a subtle way and based on the dentist’s suggestions.

They may decide to extract the milk tooth if one of the following occur:

  • Biting disorder
  • Developmental disorders of the masticatory system
  • Speech disorder

teeth fluoridation

Teeth fluoridation is a simple and non-invasive procedure, which aims to cover the surface of the teeth with a special solution rich in fluorine.

Fluoride plays a key role in the construction of the enamel structure, which makes it stronger. This preparation is usually in the form of gel or paste, and the fluoride ions are released in a gradual way. Performing this procedure in the youngest patients significantly reduces the formation of cavities, because fluoridation makes it difficult for the plaque to stick to the enamel.

dental sealants

Teeth sealing is designed to protect milk teeth and permanent teeth – especially those that have just cut to the surface.

On their surface we will find a huge amount of furrows and natural grooves, which make them more delicate and at the same time more exposed to the development of cavities. That is why it is worth for the youngest patients to undergo dental sealing, especially since this procedure is not only non-invasive but also completely painless.

Covering the teeth with the varnish protects the teeth against the development of cavities.
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