Snoring is a very common problem that one in ten people struggles with. The intensity of sounds coming from the patient’s mouth can reach levels of up to 90 decibels! Despite the fact that snoring is not a disease, patients want to get rid of the effects causing them discomfort. Moreover, snoring tends to be problematic for the people whom we share our bedroom with.

Snoring should not be neglected and it will not go away on its own – it is necessary to take measures in terms of its effective treatment.

where does the problem
with snoring come from?

It is also worth understanding what snoring is and where it comes from. It is nothing but the effect of an obstructed flow of air through the throat. During sleep muscles relax and the throat (actually the back) falls down, touching the tongue. This creates a small gap that causes the airways to become obstructed. Snoring is also a very common ailment in patients with a skewed nasal septum, enlarged tonsils or an unnaturally elongated soft palate.

The development of modern medicine has made it easy to get rid of not only the negative effects of snoring, but also its causes.

Arrange a consultation at Seamed now and treat your snoring problems today! We will help you get rid of this problem.

snoring treatment

Snoring treatment can take a variety of forms. It can be eliminated with the help of various solutions, such as radiofrequency surgery, but also with special splints that force a specific mandible position.

The splint is an especially interesting solution for both doctors and patients – they reduce muscle tension, which further stops snoring and sleep apnea, and the patient can enjoy a new comfort of life.

Anti-snoring splint

One way to treat snoring in the Seamed office is the innovative DocSnoreNix splint, which pushes the jaw forward by 3 to 10 millimeters. The effect is the enlargement of the throat, which reduces the obstruction of the respiratory tract. DocSnoreNix also allows a significant reduction in tension, because the whole structure is very flexible – it consists of flexible mounts and springs.

When DocSnoreNix is put on the teeth, it “remembers” the structure of the teeth and guarantees perfect biocompatibility, thanks to which there is a no risk of allergies.

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