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conservative dentistry?

Conservative dentistry is a field of dentistry whose main goal is the proper prevention and treatment of teeth infected by caries.

The role of the dentist in conservative dentistry procedures is to restore and maintain the teeth in the best possible condition. Thanks to the experience and precision of the actions taken by dentists in the Seamed office, we can help in the appropriate treatment and protection of teeth against caries.

dental check-up
and control examination

The key to proper prophylaxis, as well as for undertaking treatment, is a regular dental check-up and control examination.

Patients often lead to a situation in which they arrange an appointment only when they feel severe pain in the mouth, which prevents their daily functioning. Unfortunately, there are also situations in which caries are so developed that it is necessary to undergo root canal treatment.

Regular check-up and controlling the teeth prevents the development of carious lesions. During follow-up visits, it is possible to diagnose this disease at its earliest possible stage, which makes the treatment extremely easy.

and treatment of caries

Caries diagnosis and treatment should be a regular preventive measure, allowing to maintain proper oral health. Diagnostics play an extremely important role in both adult patients and children. The most common reasons for developing this disease are sugar-rich diet and neglect of oral hygiene.

The method of caries treatment depends on the phase of this disease the patient’s tooth or teeth are currently in. If the caries is in its early stages, the only action required will be to remineralise the lesions on the enamel (they usually have the form of bright spots). It does not require other, more invasive actions. However, if the patient allows the development of caries and caries defects appear, it will be necessary to clean the tooth from infected hard tissue with a special drill. After performing this procedure, it is possible to use light-cured filling.


Light-cured (composite) filling is typically used for filling in the cavities. The first stage after drilling a cavity resulting from caries, is to cover it with cofferdam. Then it is etched with a special etching agent, rinsed with water and dried. Afterwards, the groove is filled with a composite filling and hardened with a special lamp.

The composite material is highly aesthetic and durable. It is also extremely versatile, because apart from allowing filling both smaller and larger cavities, it is possible to adapt it to the shade of natural teeth.

sensitive teeth

Teeth hypersensitivity is caused by the exposure of dentin. On its surface there are dentinal tubules, which are connected to the innervation of the tooth.

The causes of hypersensitivity vary. They include inadequate brushing of teeth, untreated bruxism, but it is possible that they are the result of performing procedures in the field of aesthetic dentistry, e.g. teeth whitening. The treatment of hypersensitive teeth is based on fluoride treatment, which strengthens the enamel. These treatments protect dentin and isolate it from external factors, such as hot and cold foods, which are a source of pain.

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