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Dental prosthetics is a branch of dentistry dealing with restoring lost chewing function and improving the aesthetics of patients’ appearance by filling in missing teeth – both partially and fully.

Current solutions make it possible to create almost perfect, and impossible to distinguish from the natural teeth, missing elements of the dental arche.

why dental prosthetics
is that important?

Dental prosthetics play an extremely important role in maintaining oral health.

The structure of dental arches vary, however, each tooth, excluding the incisors and the second (or third) molars “touches” four teeth: two adjacent and two opposing. This setting holds the dental arches in a state of natural tension, keeping individual teeth in a specific position.

The loss of even one tooth means that this tension is disturbed, and the teeth can begin to lean towards the gap. It is also worth remembering that together with a tooth loss a very dangerous process of resorption, i.e. bone loss, begins. It leads not only to a situation in which implantological treatment is significantly more difficult, but also there is a disturbance in the proportion of the face or even a change in facial features.

Do not hesitate to visit the dentist and do prosthetic treatment!

prosthetic consultation

Prosthetic consultation is the first step of treatment, intended for people with missing teeth, or with cavities in the tooth crown that are impossible to be filled in with conservative treatment and composite filling.

During this meeting, the doctor will perform a number of oral examinations along with a pantomographic image. The image obtained during the meeting not only allows you to visualize the condition of the teeth in a panorama perspective, but also allows you to assess the condition and amount of bone tissue in the place of potential prosthetics treatment. Based on the results, it is possible to create a unique treatment plan.

dental prostheses

Dentures are the most popular solution in the field of prosthetics, however, it is worth paying special attention to their preparation.

A well-made denture will not only increase the comfort of its use, but also our mood. The patient can choose both its type and the material from which it will be made. The prostheses made by our laboratory allow quick getting used to the new lifestyle.

removable dentures

Removable dental prostheses can be used if the patient misses a few teeth, as well in complete toothlessness.

To prevent serious irritation of soft tissues and oral mucosa, we recommend using them only during the day. A movable denture requires getting used to, hence it should be adjusted in the most accurate way so that this period lasts as short as possible.

The most popular prosthetic solutions include:

  • Acrylic dentures; it is the most economical solution with high aesthetics.
  • Skeletal dentures; they are based on a special metal frame, which makes them more stable and easier to use. They reduce the risk of gum deformities and mucosal irritations.

permanent dentures

Permanent dentures, i.e. dental implants, are a much more convenient solution with many patients deciding on them. The implant itself, which is a titanium screw replacing the missing tooth root, is placed directly in the bone and provides an ideal basis for prosthetic reconstruction. However, implants require an adequate amount of bone tissue so that the denture is fully stable.

The permanent dentures used in Seamed are:

  • acrylic overdenture dentures
  • acrylic and porcelain implant suprastructures/li>

prosthetic crowns

The prosthetic crown is used to rebuild a damaged or unaesthetic tooth crown. It has the form of an overlay placed on a ground tooth. If the tooth is damaged up to the gum, it is possible to fix the crown with the help of a crown-root insert made of fiberglass, gold or steel. However, it should be remembered that the use of this filling is an additional investment.

Prosthetic crowns allow you to effectively improve the aesthetics of your teeth and restore its full functionality.

The most popular prosthetic crowns are:

  • Porcelain crowns on a metal foundation
  • Porcelain crowns on a zirconium foundation
  • All-ceramic crowns

prosthetic bridges

Prosthetic bridges are composed of a span and pillars. A span is a crown or tooth crowns intended to replace missing teeth, while the pillars are the ground teeth on which the bridge is mounted. This solution is exceptionally effective when the missing teeth are surrounded by bone anchored in a correctly positioned teeth, free from periodontal diseases.

The prosthetic bridges used in the Seamed office are:

  • Porcelain bridges on a metal foundation
  • Porcelain bridges on a zirconium foundation
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