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dental prophylaxis?

Dental prophylaxis is a series of activities aimed at preventing the formation of various tissue diseases that are found in the mouth.

In addition to caries, patients are also at risk of dental and periodontal diseases.

Apart from ensuring proper oral hygiene at home, you can undergo one of the dental prophylaxis treatments in our offices.


Sandblasting is cleaning teeth from the accumulated plaque.

Dental plaque is brownish in colour and build up on the enamel. It consists primarily of food residue, microorganisms present in the mouth, and dead mucosal cells.

If the dental scale is not removed regularly, the bacteria present in it will break down sugars from the diet, forming acids that damage the enamel structure. If we do not take proper care, it is almost a sure path to the development of cavities.


Scaling is a procedure that aims to remove accumulated calculus deposits.

The tartar itself is nothing more than hardened dental plaque created by neglecting oral hygiene. Tartar is simply impossible to remove with the help of traditional oral hygiene procedures, and leaving it on your teeth is extremely dangerous.

In scaling, the dentist uses a scaler, and the ultrasounds emitted by it cause the stone deposits to be damaged. Then the tartar gradually breaks, until its fragments fall off from the teeth. In the next step, the teeth are polished, restoring their proper visual condition.


Tooth sealants are especially popular among the youngest patients who have their first adult teeth.

Fissures and small grooves on them are almost ideal for the accumulation of plaque and harmful microorganisms. Sealants cover the enamel surface with a special preparation containing fluoride. After its application, fluoride ions are released gradually and affect the enamel mineralization and significantly impede the adhesion of plaque to the enamel.

tooth fluoridation

Teeth fluoridation is covering the teeth with a special solution rich in fluoride ions that strengthens the enamel structure. Fluorine particles present in the gel or paste immunize the enamel against acids and microorganisms in the mouth.

Fluoridation also significantly prevents the adhesion of dental plaque (brownish deposits accumulating on the enamel surface) and reduces impurities. The entire procedure is non-invasive and painless.

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