The following Cookie Policy sets out the rules for storing and accessing data on Users’ Devices using the Website for the purpose of providing electronic services by the Website Administrator.


§ 1 Definitions

  • Website – the website operating at
  • Serwis zewnętrzny – serwis internetowe partnerów, usługodawców lub usługobiorców Administratora
  • Administrator – SeaMed Dental Clinic, operating at: ul. Jaśkowa Dolina 16/1 80-292 Gdańsk, with the assigned tax identification number (NIP): 5842775276, providing services electronically via the Website and storing and accessing information in the User’s devices
  • User – a natural person for whom the Administrator provides services electronically via the Website
  • Device – an electronic device together with the software through which the User gains access to the Website
  • Cookies – text data collected in the form of files stored on the User’s Device


§ 2 Types of Cookies

  • Internal cookies – files stored and accessed from the User’s Device by the Website’s ICT system
  • External cookies – files stored and accessed from the User’s Device by ICT systems of external Services
  • Session cookies – files stored and accessed from the User’s Device by the Website or External Services during one session of a given Device. After each session, the files are removed from the User’s Device.
  • Permanent cookies – files stored and accessed from the User’s Device by the Website or External Services until they are manually deleted. Files are not deleted automatically after the end of the Device session, unless the User Device configuration is set to the mode of deleting Cookie files automatically after the end of the given Device session.


§ 3 Security

  • Storing and accessing mechanisms – Cookies storage and accessing mechanisms do not allow the collection of any personal data or any confidential information from the User’s Device. Transferring viruses, trojans and other worms to your device is practically impossible.
  • Internal cookies – internal cookies used by the Administrator are safe for Users’ Devices
  • External cookies – the Administrator is not responsible for the security of Cookie files from Website partners. The list of partners is located further in the Cookie Policy.


§ 4 The purposes for which cookies are used

  • Improving and facilitating access to the Website – The Administrator may store in cookie files information about the preferences and user settings of the Website to improve, improve and accelerate the provision of services on the Website.
  • Marketing and advertising – The Administrator and external websites use cookie files for marketing purposes and serving Users’ advertisements.
  • Statistical data – The Administrator and external websites use cookie files to collect and process statistical data such as e.g. visit statistics, User Device statistics or user behaviour statistics. These data are collected for the purpose of analysing and improving the Website.


§ 5 External websites

The Administrator cooperates with the following external services that may place Cookie files on User’s Devices:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdSense
  • Google AdWords


§ 6 Possibilities to determine the conditions of storage and access on User Devices through the Website and External Services

  • The user may at any time independently change the settings for saving, deleting and accessing data of saved cookies
  • Information on how to disable cookies in the most popular computer browsers and mobile devices is available at:
  • The User may at any time delete all Cookie files saved so far using the User’s Device tools through which the User uses the services of the Website.


§ 7 Website Requirements

  • Restricting storing and accessing Cookie files on User’s Device may cause malfunction of some of the Website’s functions.
  • The Administrator does not bear any responsibility for incorrectly functioning Website functions should the User restrict in any way the possibility of saving and accessing Cookie files.


§ 8 Changes to the Cookie Policy

  • The Administrator reserves the right to change this Cookie Policy at any time without informing users about it.
  • The changes made to the Cookie Policy will always be published on this page.
  • The introduced changes come into force on the day of publication of the Cookie Policy
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